I might be in my 18th year of writing for games (occasionally for tech too) but I never got into some proper blogging. I can’t even remember if “proper” blogging was a thing yet when I started writing for the Greek edition of GamePro magazine. Till then, I never made the time for it either.

After having spent numerous consecutive years in burnout mode, especially during my tenures are chief editor at Authority and, later, Enternity, I decided to take a break, dodge clinical-level exhaustion, focus on podcasting (in Greek) over at halftone.fm and also try something new. Namely the aforementioned “proper” blogging for all that tickles my fancy but also writing, in all seriousness even, in English.

This is a more personal endeavour in my mind then, one that will let me speak my mind somewhat differently. I’ve had the luck to shape however I could the voice of different outlets over the years but writing for oneself is quite a different pickle to be in. For example, as chief editor I had to make sure my outlet achieved some degree of coverage breadth, among other things, which is a goal one doesn’t need to take much into account for blogging. Here I don’t need to wonder whether a move is the best possible for an outlet, I only need to speak my mind while touching upon subjects that really draw me in.

Games are a given, some industry commentary too, I can never escape Apple so commenting on the ecosystem is another given. You can expect soundtrack playlists (I can’t help myself). Still I won’t try to box myself in. I’ll even try a few things I feel may be missing from modern outlets, little, utilitarian but hopefully helpful things.

And as I go on with freelancing, this blog will also function as a sort of portfolio or repository of my other works, if you will.

I decided English will be the primary language here, but you might encounter some musings in Greek every now and then, even if only as portfolio entries.