My typical day includes a lot of reading on seemingly unrelated topics, looking for new and different ideas, some insight into issues and processes previously too opaque to me. One way or another everything ends up informing my personal worldview but also the way I work as a professional and how I function as a private citizen.

Some articles are a cut above the rest so I thought I’d share them with everyone as reading list recommendations, along with short comments and tips for said articles.

You can expect a different lot each week (hence the week number in the title). Unless proper sleep cuts down on my reading time. Hey. It could happen.

Made in Hollywood, censored by Beijing

Extensive —but also quite pragmatic— report by PEN on how CCP’s penchant for censorship has global repercussions and the potential to shape discussion over various matters and, more than that, international politics. If anything it’s important to at least stop and ponder how self-censorship’s allure as the way of least resistance towards financial goals can result in a downward spiral in many different sectors of the economy, aspects of civic life and more. China or no China.

Whistleblower Says Facebook Ignored Global Political Manipulation

I’d wager that the American reader will be shocked by Facebook’s inadequacy to handle misuse of its own platform. European readers have another think coming though, once they ask themselves if the incidents described in the memo sound like issues that would in any other context be expected to be handled by private entities instead of judicial systems that have to adhere to national law, not corporate and product policy.

‘Interactive entertainment is the standard bearer of the entertainment business’

There are many complaints to lodge against Take-Two but I challenge you to find a more straightforward, candid yet also careful CEO than Strauss Zelnick at the head of a major game publisher. Pay attention to his comments on systematizing quality and the volatility of its relationship with hit creation. Moreover, don’t forget that every trend Take-Two has ignored under his tenure has either fizzled out already or has yet to gain enough traction in the marketplace to warrant such a company’s attention and capital investment.