The following articles are interesting and all but they kind of stayed with me for the little things, details that are easy to overlook if you’re in the habit of reading sideways for efficiency.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S: Designing the Next Generation of Consoles

Microsoft’s designers are unusually talkative the last couple of years, sometimes to their detriment even. Don’t even get me started on the fact that the article’s author talks of the opportunity to have a chat with the designers that just so happen to be employed at the same company. But. If you read carefully you realise that Xbox Series’ design was built around the peculiarities of each system cooling solution, integrating them yet showing them off instead of doing their damnedest to keep a user’s gaze away from them. This isn’t the norm in consumer electronics —not as far as I know at least— and also implies quite the confidence in those cooling solutions. I’d be very weary of such confidence but everyone’s experience with the Xbox One X kind of demands that I give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt before I charge the design team with hubris.

Japan is Xbox’s fastest growing market

“In Japan, out of everyone who played an indie game on Game Pass, it was the first time playing an indie game on Xbox for 90% of them,” Spencer said.

Now, yes, Japanese Xbox users tend to be the definition of “core” so a lot can be said about statistics that are tied to them. Even so. 90%? You can think whatever you want of services like Xbox Game Pass but the level of discoverability implied here is music to non-AAA dev’s ears. There’s value there that you just can’t express in hard currency.

Facebook Lobbying for Option to Make Messenger Default on iOS

“For any other developer in the [messaging] space, it isn’t really a level playing field” on Apple’s platform, Chudnovsky stated.

Said the company whose messaging platform has, as of last count, 2.7 billion active users. I should never have sold the world’s smallest violin to Mr. Pink.