When it comes to organising (many times unnecessarily so) information I can be quite exhaustive about it. But I am what I am. That said, while doing so for the longest time it dawned on me that it’s easy to find a list of games and their release dates. It’s more rare to find a list with recently announced games, even if your favourite websites did cover all possible announcement. So games fall by the wayside, meaning there might be something new you haven’t noticed it’s been announced at all.

As luck would have it, I do make such lists on a weekly basis. I’m already putting in the work then, so why not publish said list here and help others get a grip of whatever’s been announced every week?

That’s what The Long View is going to be all about then. But as with many instances in life, there are caveats. I won’t promise to provide a complete list. I know, I know, sounds like this kind of defeats my purpose here but bear with me for a just a little bit longer.

  • I won’t be touching mobile games. The hustle isn’t worth it. I’ll stick to major platform, namely consoles and PC. The point is to help you, dear and innocent passerby, preferably without ending up in a psych ward myself in the process.
  • The Long View will cover completely new titles, proper expansions and previously known titles whose porting to more formats has just been announced.
  • In the case of fully new games, I won’t be listing formats. The point is to do some exploring yourselves, find games that interest you, not to help you retain your tunnel vision if you’re too much in love with one platform. Games are the point. Platforms are a tool.
  • That said, I’ll make sure to link to announcement trailers, official websites etc. (depending on what publishers and developers provide me with) so that such exploration is as friction-free as possible.
  • There will be titles, sometimes smaller, sometimes major productions that won’t be appearing in The Long View. Not because I’ll have no idea they’ve been announced. Nope. I’m going to be leaving out titles for which publishers/developers are too bored to shoot me an automated email about. If a company is too bored to get me on a mailing list after 17 years in this field, I’m too bored to to the extra work and include its works. To offended publishers: if CD Projekt can bother, you can too. It’s email, not science.
  • I won’t be commenting on titles on the list. It’s a list. It is supposed to stay that way.

You can expect The Long View every Monday. To get that ICYMI vibe as we’re all leaving our weekends behind. Yes. I know.