Reading List | 2020/43

The reading and quoting continues.

Amazon Wants to ‘Win at Games.’ So Why Hasn’t It?

Where do I even start? Oh, I know. Of course a huge company thinks dabbling in game development is only really worth it if you get a billion dollar franchise up and running in 10 seconds flat. No amount of talent guarantees this. But who am I to argue? Dive into the quotes to determine who you are to argue.

Two sources expressed their deeply conflicted feelings about walking away from all that money. One referred to the job as “golden handcuffs”; the other said he has still not told his wife how much money he left behind.

It takes some doing for people to both turn away good money for what they believe is a good reason while being scared of telling their loved ones, lest they are branded lunatics.

Amazon has a peculiar promotion system that puts some percentage of employees on the chopping block every year.

No matter what happens, a bunch of you will be out in a year. No pressure.

New World was supposed to be an open-ended survival horror game. But after word got out about the 10k initiative, the project pivoted, morphing into a massively multiplayer online game. Here again, the company encountered a problem: When Amazon polled its market testers, they weren’t especially interested in facing off against 9,999 opponents. It didn’t sound entertaining; it sounded overwhelming. And in any case, Lumberyard was in no shape to deliver on the CEO’s vision. “The only thing computationally ridiculous about New World was the game budget,” one former employee said.

Dictating game features with the sole purpose of advertising Amazon Web Services is a great way to give a game a soul, right?

Twitch blasts streamers with vague, unhelpful DMCA takedown emails

“To avoid receiving a DMCA takedown notification for the recorded content that remains on your channel, we recommend you take the following actions,” Twitch wrote in the emails. “Review your Clips, VODs, and any other content in your Creator Dashboard and delete anything that includes unlicensed copyrighted material. If you are unsure about the contents of your archive, you can delete all of it.”

Twitch is in a bind here. RIAA got trigger happy, flooded Twitch takedown notices, Twitch couldn’t process them properly in time, which leaves the company exposed to litigation. Pressed for time, the streamers get it. But if you are Twitch and expect any understanding from streamers, you don’t get to say you are incredibly proud of how essential a service Twitch has become. Not after automatically deleting content without notice, without allowing users to counterclaim (which they are legally afforded to do in such cases), not identifying the rest of contested content, advising mass deletion, yet not having a tool to even do that. No. This is not the time to be proud. It is time to show understanding while also begging for some.

Blockbuster Chinese games said to boycott Huawei and Xiaomi app stores over revenue tax

The withdrawals come after the game developers demanded that the app stores take less than a proposed 50 per cent cut of revenue from game sales on their platforms, according to two people familiar with the situation, who declined to be named as the information is not public.

I more or less roll my eyes whenever a seller’s cut is automatically deemed to be a tax, with all the connotations the term usually implies. Even when it’s 50%. But the gall it must take to ask for 50% with a straight face. Must be some kind of life skill. Apple’s 30% take must feel like relief to developers in China. Can’t beat the irony here.

Hummer EV ‘supertruck’ has a UI built on Unreal Engine and runs Android

In a briefing with the design team on Wednesday morning, the Hummer EV creative director Scott Martin told Engadget that the system is powered by an Intel CPU with 64GB of memory and runs on Android.

This might seem insane but car tech is developing into a nice battleground of sorts. No wonder Nvidia has been pouring money into it for years. Even Imagination Technologies wised up to it as the introduction of their B Series GPU IP shows. And make no mistake. Cars go along with safety considerations. And speed is of paramount importance in matters of safety. No room for lag. Much less than what’s allowed in gaming even.