Back when I was chief editor at I started a series of articles called High Notes, each focusing either on a specific game soundtrack or even a whole franchise’s. In each case I share some background information, some thoughts and notes over the works I focus on and make sure to provide custom Apple Music and Spotify playlists with the tracks that I believe are more interesting, better structured, not too formulaic for their worn good and, most importantly, with the best chance to stand the test of time. On that last point I can be very particular, I believe.

With Enternity being a Greek gaming website though, High Notes was always written in Greek. This obviously changes for this blog. Naturally the goal is to also write a bit more consistently about game soundtracks, as it’s a space I routinely explore either way, but until recentely I simply didn’t have much time to dedicated to this kind of series/column (I keep thinking it as a column which —I think— shows how fond I still am of the magazine era and whatnot).

Keep an eye out for new High Notes entries then and I’ll make sure you have playlists to follow and unique takes on game music, hopefully unique enough to cast some works under a different, more interesting light.