Razer Synapse Bug Gives Windows Admin Access to Anyone Who Can Plug in a Mouse

With vulnerabilities of this severity, it’s expected that the discoverer will responsibly disclose by going through the company. However, Jonhat says Razer ignored his correspondence. So, he’s disclosed the zero-day bug publicly.

Good work, Razer.

SteelSeries Peripherals Can Bypass Windows Security, Too

Ditto for SteelSeries. I remember when reviewing such products that the minute I was asked special kernel extension permissions for their custom software to even being to function on my system, I’d just refuse after a point. It just didn’t feel reasonable to me to extent very broad permissions for the added functionality this software brings to the table.

I once remarked that with kernel extensions being prohibited on macOS going forward, if these companies care enough to keep providing support for the Mac platform, they’d have to rework their software sooner rather than later.

It’s one these cases that show how amazingly lazy such companies are with their software quality, usually piling up features without much elegance. And they’re too lazy to care about so glaring a security hole of their own making, why should I not be lazy in testing the full breadth of whatever their software has to offer?

Especially when it’s more about playing with LED lighting aka for show. Most of the time at least.

30 years later, the baby on Nirvana’s Nevermind cover is suing for damages

According to Spencer’s father, Rick Elden, the family was paid $200 to throw 4-month-old Spencer into a pool for “half a second” so he could be shot by photographer Kirk Weddle (also named in the suit). The dollar bill on the fish-hook was added after the fact; the suit claims that the baby is grabbing for the dollar bill “like a sex worker,” which together with the exposed penis forms the basis of the suit’s claim that the image is “sexually explicit.”

Let me break down the ridiculous assumptions made here.

  1. A naked baby is automatically “sexually explicit material”. I suggest you never attend a Greek Orthodox christening. It might be safe for church, but —judging by this— it’s definitely not safe for work.
  2. Somehow the exposed baby penis is automatically more horrifying than the thought that a baby is thrown into a pool for “half a second”.
  3. Apparently, when you reach for a dollar bill, you look like a sex worker. Keep that in mind the next time you reach for that bill, friends. Unless you’re the baby’s family and you reach for those $400.

As an adult, Spencer Elden has been more than willing to give interviews and recreate the album cover. He was paid $1,000 to recreate the photo as a 17-year-old in 2008, and he earned another $200 from the New York Post to recreate the cover for the album’s 25th anniversary (complete with a “Nevermind” tattoo across his chest).

Does this mean he’s still like a sex worker?

And in an interview with Time for the album’s 25th anniversary, he said, “[When] I go to a baseball game and think about it: ‘Man, everybody at this baseball game has probably seen my little baby penis,’ I feel like I got part of my human rights revoked.”

Leaps were made.

It is very difficult for me to view this lawsuit as anything other than opportunistic. But even if I’m wrong, even if he genuinely feels that way, does it mean everyone that has stemmed from that shoot since then must be disregarded? Every later choice ignored?

I’m really curious how he will demonstrate that photo shoot has kept him out of job opportunities etc. so that he can claim damages.

World’s Largest Chip Maker to Raise Prices, Threatening Costlier Electronics

All things considered, It’s a miracle this didn’t happen earlier. I guess soon we’ll all have to chip in (pun intended).

When demand outstrips supply, prices go up. It’s the way of the world. What I’m more curious about is how this inevitable price adjustment will impact CE manufacturers. Will they raise prices and raise the ire of consumers? Will they remove more from the box to make up the difference? Will they cheap out in way they didn’t have to before?

And what of special product categories where a price hike simply isn’t an option (e.g. game consoles).

We’ll see. There’s already talk of pricing changes.

ARM China Seizes IP, Relaunches as an ‘Independent’ Company

The onetime CEO of ARM China, Allen Wu, has reportedly seized control of ARM’s Chinese business venture, ARM China. Mr. Wu is accused of attempting to launch his own company, Alphatecture, by leveraging his position at ARM China to do so. Companies were reportedly offered discounts on ARM China products if they would invest in Alphatecture. Investors and ARM agreed to oust Wu for this behavior in a board vote, 7-1, but Wu still possessed the seal of the company, which makes him its legal representative as far as Chinese law is concerned.

Wu hired security to keep ARM employees from entering ARM China, fired employees who did not wish him to take over the company, and has sued ARM China to declare his own dismissal as CEO illegal. This means Allen Wu (person) is suing Allen Wu (ARM China). As Devin Patel reports, ARM has responded by refusing to transfer any IP from its new products. The newest CPU core ARM China has access to is the Cortex-A77.

Someone should a) stop the guy and b) make a TV show out of it.

European games market generated €23.3 billion in 2020

Of €23.3 billion spent, 44% was made up from console revenues, while smartphones accounted for 40%. A lower 14% came from PC revenues, and less than 2% was made up from on-demand/streaming.

Whenever I attend Gamescom it’s only a matter of time before some American game developer remarks how it is a mostly PC-centric show for a PC-centric region, with said “region” meant as “Europe” not Germany.

I’ve always found that amusing. Geoff Keighley reminded me of this during Opening Night Live, when he said that it isn’t Gamescom if there’s no new big strategy game to show off at the show. Granted such comments usually reach me through developers, not marketers and whatnot. But it still amazes me how developers, especially Americans it seems, fail so completely to disentangle Germany from Europe when looking at trends, taking into account the reasons why PC gaming is traditionally stronger in ex-eastern bloc markets or, most importantly, the numbers that come out of Europe.

Console dominate game spend in Europe. Even when they don’t, PC game spend is still far behind mobile game spend. But assuming we take mobile games out of the equation (as they tend to be of a different breed on average but also of a different price structure etc.), in “core” gaming, the console is king in Europe.

But sure. The biggest trade show about games in the world surely is a shadow of itself if there’s no big strategy game to push.

Most definitely.


But also no.