The big Gran Turismo 7 interview

Kazunori Yamauchi: The requirement for the online connection isn’t specific to the Cafe per se – it’s just to prevent cheating overall from people trying to modify the save data, so that’s the reason for the online connection.

Which is another way of saying that to prevent players from cheating —even in the single player aspect of the game— we all get to see to a future where a server shutdown renders the game useless. It’s the world we live in.

Anti-women, anti-Black, anti-Asian harassment growing in online games

The group also called for some sort of ESRB-like audit to give people metrics about toxicity and extremism in online games that could be used by people to make informed decisions.

This feels like asking for something just because one can technically ask about anything and then check whether it’s even plausible. How would such a system even work? ESRB/PEGI labels are based on content that is static. Sure games evolve over time with new content but once that content is there, it’s there, not by accident and without being added there by some random person/player. How on earth can one routinely monitor online communities in ways that helps with PEGI like labelling that is sufficiently up to date at any given moment? We can’t really predict human behaviour well enough to make assumptions either. And if we do, we usually err on the side of caution so the solution would be to pre-emptively label everything as… toxic?

All this sounds like a losing battle to me.

Revealed: LAPD officers told to collect social media data on every civilian they stop

The copies of the cards obtained by the Brennan Center also revealed that police are instructed to ask civilians for their social security numbers and are advised to tell interviewees that “it must be provided” under federal law. Kathleen Kim, a Loyola law professor and immigrants’ rights expert, who previously served on the LA police commission, said she was not aware of any law requiring individuals to disclose social security numbers to local police.

It’s the lying that gets me and that’s with me being in Greece, where the equivalent of the SSN isn’t considered privileged personal information enjoying special protection as it’s issues by the central government, Greece isn’t a federally organised country and the police is under government control and the idea of mayoral control over it isn’t considered an alternative here but a joke with no basis in reality or reason. But under no system is the policy lying about what you’re obligated to provide them with a joke.

Australia: Unprecedented surveillance bill rushed through parliament in 24 hours.

Politicians justify the need for the bill by stating that it is intended to fight child exploitation (CSAM) and terrorism. However, the bill itself enables law enforcement to investigate any “serious Commonwealth offence” or “serious State offence that has a federal aspect”.

In fact, this wording enables the police to investigate any offence which is punishable by imprisonment of at least three years, including terrorism, sharing child abuse material, violence, acts of piracy, bankruptcy and company violations, and tax evasion.

This is just another episode in the international legislative trend of passing bills ostensibly designed to deal with CSAM and casually includes such progressive ideas as doing away with warrants for as many cases as possible. This is definitely a way to live the dream.

Last but no least

This is a perfect summation by Stephen Warwick of the picture you get from the media about the ruling in the Epic vs. Apple trial.

To sum up Epic games has won after being defeated in court, and Apple will be forced to make massive sweeping yet very minor changes that will change absolutely everything and yet nothing for developers and will cost the company it’s huge App Store cash cow that is actually tiny

Epic Games plans to appeal against its victory and Apple has welcomed the court’s ruling against it