Android 12 gets a source code release—but not a Pixel release

One of the nice things about owning a Pixel phone was the certainty that you get the new version of “pure Android” upon that version’s release, earlier than anyone else. I guess that peace of mind went the way of the dodo bird for Pixel owners.

Atrocious international distribution and weird Pixel strategies over time aside, I still don’t get how Google routinely manages to make things more difficult for this line, not less.

MechWarrior Online maker renames ‘Trans Rights’ team, then reverses decision

“With the understanding that trans rights is not a political issue, we will allow the team to use either of their original choices as their team name. Additionally, we will be reversing any moderation actions taken in connection with this moderation.”

Oh boy. This is a failure even by mental gymnastics standards. Yes, any civil rights talk is —of course— political. And since the developer’s policy is to not allow political discourse, renaming those teams and moderating accordingly wasn’t an accident but the natural outcome of such policy.

But changing course by claiming that trans rights aren’t a political issue and that’s why you’re reversing earlier moderation without taking back your stance on talking politics is… I guess I have no polite enough way to put it.

“Sucks that bad trolls who we have spent significant resources dealing with are out there, everyone remembers some of the past large examples,” Bullock said. “It’s fine to be disappointed and with PGI could have somehow found a way around this tough situation but it’s disingenuous to immediately call PGI anti trans etc. Unfortunately bad apples create situations that limit choice for the larger group.”

Jony Ive on What He Misses Most About Steve Jobs

There’s no point in surfacing any one quote. Read this. It’s impossible not to be moved by the images Ive forces into the reader’s mind. Forget what you feel about Steve Jobs the CEO, the person, the showman etc. Just read this. Quite the ride.

Roblox bans romance, politics

The details: The company’s community standards were revised this week and detail many policies that weren’t in the version that was updated in July.

An old ban on using Roblox for dating has been expanded to “prohibit content that seeks or portrays romantic relationships,” including weddings, honeymoons and romantic animations of kissing or hand-holding.
A new section bars “discussion or depiction” of political parties, sitting elected officials, “previously-elected officials in their official capacity” and slogans tied to any current political races.
The new policies also explicitly ban recruitment into and fundraising for terrorist or extremist groups.

Good luck with that. The third one is basically stupid in the sense that it already is illegal pretty much everywhere, which makes it illegal whether the ban is spelled out in Roblox’s community standards or not. I mean, even terrorist states have laws against terrorism. What changes is what passes for terrorism in each part of the world.

The other two changes are ridiculous and are really only there not to protect users but to protect the company from lawsuits (and from overarching platform/app store policies), not to protect anyone. Unless one means to say that hand-holding animations can ruin their lives. Moreover, these are definitely one legal challenge away from getting scrapped in Europe where the constitutional default is to afford rights protections regardless of whether it is a government or a private party that is infringing on said rights.

Quite the world, right?