Blockbusters, but with parts missing

Between the lines: The only mobile MOBA genre to hit that spending mark faster was Tencent’s “Honor of Kings.”

Speaking of which, a Tencent studio has announced that it is creating a big-budget action game spin-off to “Honor of Kings.”
Bear in mind: There’s one clear winner in this category.

“League of Legends” mega-studio Riot is owned by Tencent.
And who makes “Honor of Kings”? That’d be Tencent too.
If the pattern isn’t clear, one of this year’s breakout mobile and Switch hits is “Pokémon Unite,” a MOBA developed by … Tencent.

This is basically fruitful in-fighting at this point.

Twitch has added an “animals, aquariums & zoos” category for watching live-streamed non-humans. On Tuesday morning, the category was outperforming “Overwatch,” “Animal Crossing” and ASMR.

I bet I could lose hours watching puppies, kittens and more, feeling a bit better about my day as I go. Still, I can’t help but feel that this is an amazing waste of bandwidth, energy etc.

Nintendo Switch sales down 34% in H1, total units sold hit 92.8 million

Nintendo noted a decline in Switch consoles during the period — it sold 8.28 million units, a 34% decrease year-over-year. Of that number, 1.8 million were Switch Lite consoles.

Good times at Nintendo. Hit harder than other this year as not even Nintendo can make last year’s Animal Crossing keep that extraordinary and surely lockdown-fuelled momentum, while many other didn’t have such a specific wave to have crash on them when we all got a chance to go out more.

And yet, Nintendo still manages to out-Nintendo itself in some cute way. The company can’t produce the Switch console to hit the forecast target and that’s part of the reason it’s console sales have gone down YoY in 2021. And yet existing Switch owners have been buying more games than expected, so Nintendo ends up forecasting more software sales from a number of consumers that will obviously be lower than it would have been had it been possible to sell as many consoles as initially intended.

Take-Two’s bookings grow 3% to $984.9M as GTA V hits 155M sold

For the results, the company credited ongoing sales of NBA 2K22 and NBA 2K 21, Grand Theft Auto Online, Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Dead Online, Borderlands 3, Two Dots, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, and Dragon City. About 91% of all GAAP sales were digital.

Catalog titles reign supreme, whether they’re online time time sinks or not. I bring up these quotes every chance I get as people has been used to companies being dependent on the success of new games it can be difficult to realise things have changed in the age of digital distribution and many companies are effectively safer than ever, growth-obsessions and whatnot aside of course.

Capcom Integrated Report 2021

Catalog title sales are up 583% compared to 10 years ago.

Strong FY 2021 was due to “major catalog title hits Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Monster Hunter: World, Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil 7 biohazard performed well”.

Capcom plans to “strengthen digital sales of both new and catalog titles” and have
“long-term product lives for past titles through pricing strategies”.

And if that doesn’t scream “catalog is king to you” maybe this will:

Today we are in Stage 4, where we are achieving stable growth. The support for the PC platform and rereleases of catalog titles we implemented in Stage 3 were successful. Major titles have been contributing to profit earnings over the course of several years, and catalog titles that did not receive a sufficient chance to be sold physically are growing in both sales volume and earnings with digital sales.

Daniel Ahmad on Twitter

Its back catalog has stabilized at around 60% of total revenue, signalling long life cycles for its published titles.

Some Devolver catalog action for you if you’re still not convinced.

YouTube algorithm forces us to rename the game!

Suicide guy was the exact reason I have the concerns. Those videos were demonetized – even though it was a “humorous video game”. A few of us even tried removing the game name and title from our videos, but YouTube still recognized the game as Suicide Guy and demonetized the videos. YouTube even checks the transcript of the spoken words in the video and will flag a video based on what I say. As I said, I appreciate the work you do, but I just can’t take the risk for my channel.

I’ll go out on a limb here and bet that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League won’t be facing similar issues. Crazy, I know.

Let the Games Begin: A New Way to Experience Entertainment on Mobile

And the fight for time and attention levels up. Pun intended. But also not. But yes.

Ubisoft Announces Plans To Develop Play-To-Earn, Blockchain And NFT Games

Don’t you love it how some of Ubisoft’s games (and many others from different companies of course) are so hellbent on using loops that produce FOMO for staying away from the game and end up feeling more like a job? Why fight that when you can lean on it, make money by playing and really having playing games be an actual job?

Doesn’t it sound marvellous?