First Mover: Intel’s 4-bit 4004 CPU Turns 50

Faggin goes on to note that people at Intel like Andy Grove, “…considered my project a diversion dreamed up by the marketing guys to make some money while waiting for the memory business—the real mission of Intel—to mature.”

It’s funny how things work out right? Even back then, with Intel a much younger company, Grove wasn’t too hot on directing resources to anything but the actual breadwinner of the company.

How Rockstar uses subscription services and tactical storefront deals to maintain momentum for Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2 and their online versions

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is one of few titles that has been added to Xbox Game Pass, removed, and then re-introduced at a later date. Rather than acting as a marketing tool for a new release, as seen with the likes of Ubisoft’s Division franchise and Bethesda’s Fallout series, GTA V is rotated across services and storefronts in order to maximise returns in the form of audience reach, user acquisition and spend.

Take Two is playing a different ballgame altogether. Such games are gateways for MTX revenue after all so the coming and going makes sure more players take notice whenever anything lands in whatever service it lands and all of this results in another push. The next time RDR2 shows anywhere, it’s shown as a new addition to that service and you can bet your sanity this means more people are reminded of it’s existence and come closer to trying it out.

Nvidia Announces Open Source Image Scaling, New DLSS and a Free ICAT Tool

I fully appreciate this slide for the PR-grade comedy it brings to the table. You see, Nvidia wants to push their more open Nvidia Image Scaling 4K solution to whomever can’t use DLSS for lack of an GeForce RTX GPU. Seeing as the narrative over solutions of this kind has been framed in terms of performance which -for the umpteenth time- it isn’t, DLSS had to come out on top in “performance” even when compared to Nvidia Image Scaling. Which brings us to the hilarity of this pic, with Ultra Quality Mode used in the case of Nvidia Image Scaling while DLSS is demonstrated in Performance, not Quality Mode. Gotta hit those FPS and make an impression, baby!

Axie Infinity: Infinite Opportunity or Infinite Peril?

The blockchain gaming industry experienced dramatic growth in the past quarter. Both unique active wallets (a proxy for users) and transaction volume increased 100%+ and 750%+, respectively, quarter-over-quarter. As a result, gaming has become a trojan horse for broader blockchain adoption. As depicted below, DappRadar notes that games accounted for over half of blockchain wallet activity in the third quarter.

Blockchain debates aside, it’s becoming more and more common for games to be the trojan horse for all sorts of stuff. Games made game-related subscriptions go beyond the MMO title-specific trope of the past. Games provided a boost for the DVD format. Ditto for the Blu-ray Disc. Games are also a trojan horse (more of a breeding ground really) for entertainment-focused accessibility solutions. More importantly perhaps, games have been driving display tech, new HDMI features and more.

One would think humanity enjoys playing games. Who would have thought, right?

Facebook tests giving more control of News Feed content to users again

Facebook parent company Meta said it is testing new ways for users to customize the content they see in their News Feeds. The company said in a blog post Thursday that the test, available to a “small percentage” of users to start, would allow people to adjust their preferences to increase or reduce the amount of content they see from specific friends, family, groups, and pages they’re connected with on the platform.

Meta (sorry) keeps doing this and, judging by the frequency of such tweaking, nothing really sticks. What really fascinates me though is giving control to the user is somehow an experiment that may or may not make it easier to actively keep or do away with content you know you do or don’t want more of. This is all a joke. If a TV show annoys me, I change the channel. It’s a choice. I make it BOOM. It works. I don’t keep watching hoping the channel stop throwing stuff I don’t care for in my general direction.

And yes, I know about TikTok and how its algorithm tends to be used as a good example. But TikTok isn’t a social network. TikTok doesn’t rely on interaction, discussion, sharing etc. If anything, TikTok’s algorithm got it easy.

How Chris Columbus Convinced A Reluctant Alan Rickman To Star In Harry Potter

“We convinced him to do it, and then J.K. Rowling took him out to dinner and told him something about what was going to happen to Snape throughout the series and in the seventh book. So when we would be on set, he would do these tiny little idiosyncrasies with his performance, and I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. I’d walk up to him afterwards and say, ‘What was that?’ He would say, ‘Oh, you’ll know when you read the seventh book.’ It was like, ‘Well, yeah, but that doesn’t help me now. I’m directing the first movie.'”

We all need some festive spirit drilled into our heads as things stand and I challenge you to prove that anecdote didn’t get the ball rolling.