#75: The road ahead

HOTFIX 1.0.19: November 27, 2021

  • Bullets now travel at expected speed.
  • Pets no longer attack player character.
  • Add 25 new weapon skins to LOOTSTORE.

This edition of Nathan Brown’s Hit Points cracked me up. The whole piece is a satire of typical issues big open world AAA releases face at launch and how developers and publishers feign being shocked at the obvious, how many basic things end up broken and how ridiculously long it can take to actually fix them with more than just a few words and some promises. And yet, the market gobbles it all up, again and again. Hilarious, amazing, disconcerting. Read it.

Epic CEO Blasts Apple and Google, Calls for Single App Store

Epic is working with developers and service providers to create a system that would allow users “to buy software in one place, knowing that they’d have it on all devices and all platforms.

Tim Sweeney is fighting gatekeepers everywhere by proposing a universal store for all platform that would be a de facto gatekeeper. Funny how logic works. Now, to be fair, software ownership portability is a laudable goal and there is precedent in the movie business, precedent that went beyond digital. Think of Movies Anywhere, Disney’s -Disney’s!- KeyChest etc., systems that managed to take into account physical disc ownership too.

But that’s a different goal than wishing for a universal store that —let’s face it— Tim Sweeney hopes it’s what Epic Games Store becomes. But then, we’ll only have gotten a new version of Steam.

Opera GX opens world’s first graveyard in the metavers

Marital duties, renovating a flat or a 9-to-5 job. Anyone who has ever been a part of the gaming community can relate to life commitments getting in the way of gaming. This is why Opera GX has launched a Gamer Graveyard, an online service where gamers can create digital tombstones to roast their fellow gamers or just commemorate their avatars.

Wie die EU die Macht von Google und Amazon brechen will

Another important addition to the Commission draft is that Parliament wants to force gatekeepers to allow exchanges between rival messenger services and social media. Then, for example, a user could send a message from WhatsApp to the competitor Signal — this opening should also stimulate competition.

When you dream of a modern replacement for SMS, try and build it instead of asking everyone else to retrofit everything else to make your unrelated dream come true. But, for all the stability it brings to the table, such are the follies of bureaucracy.