In China’s gaming world, lucky ‘Europeans’ and unlucky ‘Africans’ expose racial stereotypes

I can’t really explain why but it somehow surprises me how us Europeans are still held in such high regard in terms of quality of life etc. Not that we have it bad, I didn’t think we’d be first choice though either for the Chinese.

As for Africa, the irony has so many layers when you take into account Chinese involvement in Africa.

The metaverse has a groping problem already

A constant topic of debate on message boards after Belamire’s Medium article was whether or not what she had experienced was actually groping if her body wasn’t physically touched.

“I think people should keep in mind that sexual harassment has never had to be a physical thing,” says Jesse Fox, an associate professor at Ohio State University who researches the social implications of virtual reality. “It can be verbal, and yes, it can be a virtual experience as well.

Sure, it is sexual harassment. Do you know what it’s not though? Groping. I like how the second quoted paragraph is treated as proof of the argument made in the first one, which is a completely different argument.

Best streaming quality? PCs get lowest average bitrate, TVs get highest

“Picture quality also improved across the board with gaming consoles up the most at 16% but at 7.89 Mbps bitrate, they came in second to smart TVs which averaged 8.80 Mbps. Desktop made the least gains, up just 3%, and had the worst picture quality of any device at 2.95 Mbps,” said Conviva.

We’re talking averages here so don’t freak out too much about the low bitrates mentioned. At least they’re going up everywhere.

Why is that? PCs are ‘open’ in the sense that it is easy to make a 1:1 copy and many PCs or web browser lack the latest copy protection schemes. For these reasons and others, services like Disney+ and Netflix in general limit streaming quality to PCs to 720p or 1080p at low bitrate.

Clearly though computers get the short end of the string out of paranoia. Which is funny as this paranoia doesn’t really hold piracy back at all. So the most this approach makes sure happens is that whoever streams on a computer gets subpar image quality.

Deloitte: Game consoles are fitter than ever at 50 year mark

In the anniversary year of 2022 (50 years after the launch of the Magnavox Odyssey), Deloitte expects record revenues, a full slate of latest-generation devices, and a strong foundation for further growth. Revenues per console player are expected to hit $92 per person by the end of 2022, substantially more than $23 per PC gamer and $50 per mobile gamer.

Every now and then someone shows up and insists the mobile game revenue growth makes console revenue a remnant, not a pillar. Quite a fuss is also being made by PC gaming growth etc. But look at that ARPU on console. There simply is no comparison. Thee console market might bee the smallest in terms of active users but no one in their right mind will ignore it when a console gamer spends almost double and quadruple per year compared to mobile and PC gamers. No one.

New FDA-approved eye drops could replace reading glasses for millions: “It’s definitely a life changer”

Vuity is the first FDA-approved eye drop to treat age-related blurry near vision, also known as presbyopia. The prescription drug utilizes the eye’s natural ability to reduce its pupil size, said Dr. George Waring, the principal investigator for the trial.

“Reducing the pupil size expands the depth of field or the depth of focus, and that allows you to focus at different ranges naturally,” he said.

Quite an impressive application of a simple idea (by photography standards). The moment I read that last part though I wondered what the reduction in incoming light will mean in practice…

According to Allergen, a 30-day supply of the drops will cost $80, and side effects include red eyes and headaches. The company also advises against using them when operating machinery in low light, such as when driving at night.

… and it means exactly what you think it means.