I’m Manos Vezos and I’ve been writing for games (mainly) since 2003. I managed to taste the tail end of the gaming magazine era in Greece, starting with GamePro, moving on to bit, RAM etc. before turning to the web with Authority, a gaming outlet I built along with dear friends and colleagues I met during my GamePro stint. I came to be chief editor there in 2012. In early 2015 Authority and Enternity’s teams merged and I stayed there as chief editor till the end of 2020’s summer.

I decided to leave that post as my involvement in halftone.fm’s podcast output grew (I started the network in late 2018), the daily grind of running a site stopped feeling like a worthwhile challenge and I felt I had to try my hand at something else, something hopefully more fulfilling.

Writing is still something I enjoy, so my freelance work is still a thing. This blog is a personal yet serious affair then, here to scratch that writing itch and also force me to challenge myself in a language other than my own.

Welcome to my experiment then, an experiment in which I’m equal parts mad scientist and guinea pig.