Members of the Press, analysts, gamers, innocent bystanders and whatnot seem to agree on one thing nowadays. If it’s a subscription and it gets you games, it’s trying to be the “Netflix for games”. Maybe you’re a company that’s only rumoured to be spinning up a gaming subscription. Again, surely, you’re trying to become the “Netflix for games”. Some use the term with the derogatory tinge, others in a matter-of-factly way, some quite positively, but no matter the group it’s something that’s stuck and is now brought into a conversation as a simple way of describing a company’s gaming-related ambition, all the while implying that true ambition lies in the idea of actually becoming the Netflix of gaming.

As with many other things, something about the term and they way it’s being brandished around without a care in the world felt off to me, even though I myself had no idea why at first either. My overall sense is that if it’s a subscription service that offers a bunch of content for as long the customer keeps paying, it automatically registers as the “Netflix” of something. I’ll spare you from parallels with restaurant buffets and move directly to more interesting, though not as filling, dives into the concept this article is all about.

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